The Pool is… Open!

What do you do when you’re driving home from an out of state editorial portrait shoot and receive a text with a hazy picture of what appears to be a really old and dirty but very unique empty swimming pool and the message says “1 night only shred session- it’s getting filled in TOMORROW!” The answer I came up with was “Hmmm the cars already crammed full of lighting gear… I’ll be right over.”

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About chris beauchamp

Christopher Beauchamp is a Connecticut based location photographer specializing in dramatic environmental portraits and dynamic adventure sports imagery for advertising, editorial and corporate clients. Growing up on the tail end of the cold war his childhood was spent digging underground fallout shelters. This later developed into a passion for cave exploration, both domestically and internationally, and for investigating the often overlooked subterranean environments beneath cities. It was his efforts to document these spaces that ignited his drive to create unique imagery and led him to a career in photography. Whether a personal or a client project, his years of experience creating compelling images in adverse conditions allow him to maximize the potential of a shoot regardless of circumstances.
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